Vacuum drying in battery cell production

Extremely efficiently and optimised vacuum drying technology is indispensable in the production of lithium-ion batteries. We design customer-specific vacuum dryers that can be integrated into production lines and research facilities as required. More

Vötschoven VVT vacuum dryer

Our vacuum drying ovens are tried and tested solutions for drying temperature-sensitive products and removing residual moisture from capillary tubes. We develop customised heating/vacuum systems that are perfectly matched to the product in question. More

Industrial Ovens, Heating and Drying Cabinets – we proudly present HeatEvent

Your components and materials can be reliably, quickly and energy-efficiently heat-treated at temperatures of up to 400 °C with the Heating and Drying Cabinets HeatEvent from vötschoven. In this way, you can manufacture excellent products 24/7. More

Industrial laboratory ovens – Small – Strong – Smart

Our new industrial laboratory ovens are innovative, reliable and accurate, optimally suited for heavy-duty operation. – Future-proof networking options. Ideal replacement for old units. They can also be used as test cabinets. More

Welcome to K 2019 – A world of pioneers

Visionary developments and groundbreaking innovations will again lead the industry into a new dimension at the world's leading trade fair for the plastic and rubber industry – Düsseldorf, October 16 - 23, 2019 More

The future of driving is plastics!

Plastics are light, exible, versatile and cheap to produce. Their importance in the automotive industry is increasing. To make optimum use of the advantages of di erent plastics, it is important to match the production with the particular material. More

Infrared emitters

By using infrared emitters of Heraeus, a big number of thermal applications in production and research can be accelerated. This is because infrared radiant heat is very efficient and has only minor losses due to heat transfer. More

Thermal treatment of plastics

Our heat technology enables manufacturers to always create exactly the same processing and production conditions, in order to reliably achieve constant product quality. More

Some like it hot! – Industrial furnaces in the automotive industry

In many manufacturing stages, heat processes play a central role. We supply a wide range of CQI-9-compliant temperature-controlled production systems for car manufacturers and their suppliers. More

Infrared modules

Many heating processes can be optimized with our tailormade infrared modules. More

Heating chambers for big samples and goods

In projects with Airbus Helicopters, DLR and GKN Aerospace, our experience in building special systems was the decisive factor. – Heating chambers, VTU 560/400/400-150°. More

Solutions for bulk material: Drum turning device, VTU 100/150-250°C

Specific requirements have to be fulfilled in the manufacture of plastic products. Together with our customers, we have developed the necessary effective solutions: Uniform tempering of bulk goods More

Dimensionally stable, lightweight components for energy-efficient cars

Hybrid structures in various materials are used for lightweight design concepts in vehicle construction. Differences in their thermal expansion coefficients can present a risk. More

Drying ovens for flammable material VTL

Standard heating and temperature ovens for coating materials to be used in manufacturing. Continuous oven systems for flammable material. More

Vötsch’s infrared technology, IR

Vötsch Technik’s infrared system – The emission performance of the IR radiators can be optimally adjusted to the absorption properties of the product to be treated. More

Dryers and ovens, in which flammable substances are released, HeatEvent F

The Dryers and ovens HeatEvent F from Vötsch Technik meet the advanced safety requirements of EN 1539 and allow the drying and heat treatment processes to be safely controlled by limiting the amount of solvents. More

Industrial ovens/ Heating and drying ovens, VTU

The industrial ovens VTU are suitable to be used in the production of automotive engineering, aerospace and electronics products as well as to process a broad range of materials, such as glass, ceramics, plastics, metals, textiles and composites. More

Heating and drying cabinets, HeatEvent

Wherever the going gets hot, decision makers worldwide rely on Vötsch Technik heating and drying cabinets. The world novelty HeatEvent is about to launch. Discover the many benefits and get an impression of our latest innovation. More

Heating Oven VTU 100/150-250°C with charging trolley with rotating drums

Heating oven VTU (charging trolley with rotating drums) – Application: Heat treatment of gaskets for hydraulic systems. Branch: Plastics industry. Possibilities of application: Gentle heat treatment or drying of small components while in motion. More

Heating and drying oven with 5 drawers VTU 175/200/80-200°C

Application: curing of encapsulated electric motor coils. Branch: mechanical engineering (electric motors). Possible applications: warming-up and tempering of flat products. Charging of the oven with heavy products by means of a crane. More

Drawer-type oven – VTU 100/60/75-200°C

VTU 100/60/75-200°C Drawer-type oven – Drying of printed and resin-soaked pattern prints fastened to frame. – Branch: Surface technology. More

Heat technology from Vötsch

Vötsch's product list includes heating and drying ovens, explosion-proof ovens, sterilisers, clean room drying ovens and vacuum chambers ... More

Heating and drying oven VTUD, runthrough system

Easy integration of heating and drying oven in a your production line – Branch: automobile industry – Application: heat treatment of rubber / metal gaskets e.g. for vehicle gears. More

Heating and drying oven VTU 140/210/75-G-270°C

Heating and drying oven VTU, controlled atmosphere – Branch: electronic (semiconductor production) – Application: tempering of SMD on a lead frame band. More

Heating / drying oven VTU 450/200/250 G-200°C

Heating, drying oven VTU, controlled atmosphere – Heating and tempering of plastic sheets under an inert, protective gas atmosphere (N2) – Branch: plastics. More

Heat treatment in controlled atmosphere – Product range

Vötsch heat treatment in controlled atmosphere – We offer customized solutions for heat treatment in controlled atmosphere e.g. under inert gas atmosphere. More

Vacuum ovens – Product range

Vacuum heating and drying ovens for the gentle drying of temperature sensitive, easy decomposable goods and components with a complex geometry also available in explosion-proof design. More

Tempering ovens exceeding 400°C

Tempering ovens for applications with temperatures exceeding 400°C, we offer customised solutions. More

Glass cooling oven VAW 180/135/125-600°C

Glass cooling tempering oven VAW 180/135/125-600°C for stress relieving and cooling of glass products. More

Hephaistos microwave oven VHM 100/100

Hephaistos microwave oven VHM 100/100 – Hardening of fibre composites and warming-up of resin. More

Industrial microwave system VHM Hephaistos – Product range

The newly developed VHM Hephaistos is an internationally patented system and characterised by a very high field homogeneity. The advantages of microwave technology have been developed successfully to an industrially mature high technology. More

Cleanroom heating furnace and drying oven VTF 60/30/30-150°C

Cleanroom heating furnace and drying oven VTF 60/30/30-150°C – Clean room ovens for baking of coatings. More

Cleanroom heating and drying ovens – Product range

VTF Cleanroom heating and drying ovens, standard devices and individual systems for industry and research. More

Explosion proof heating and drying ovens – Product range

Explosion proof heating and drying ovens – Vötsch Industrietechnik has developed special concepts for a variety of requirements to prevent risks of explosion. More

Drying chamber for coating materials LTU 60/60 acording EN1539

Compact and universally usable in laboratory and production. LTU 60/60 was developed especially for these processes. The safety concept fulfils the requirements of the EN 1539. More

Chamber drying ovens for coating materials VTL

Chamber drying ovens for coating materials VTL acording EN 1539 – Safe at all times, suitable for variety of heating and drying processes in production and research. More

Heating and drying ovens VTU

Heating and drying ovens VTU – suitable for variety of heating and drying processes in production and research for laboratory and production department. More

Heating and drying oven TU 60/60

Heating and drying oven TU 60/60 – drying chambers for coating materials for use in laboratory and production. Compact, safe and high performance with high quality. More

Heating and drying ovens – Product range

Heating and drying oven HeatEvent, TU 60/60, VTU, drying ovens for coating materials VTL acording EN 1539, drying chamber for coating materials LTU 60/60 acording EN1539 and customised solution for you. More

Heating and drying ovens and test systems by Vötsch Industrietechnik

Our drying ovens are suitable for variety of heating and drying processes in production and research. Should our extensive standard production program not meet your requirements, we will be pleased to consider a customised solution for you. More