Infrared modules

Infrared modules

Many heating processes can be optimized with our tailormade infrared modules. More
Infrared emitters

Infrared emitters

By using infrared emitters of Heraeus, a big number of thermal applications in production and research can be accelerated. This is because infrared radiant heat is very efficient and has only minor losses due to heat transfer. More

Infrared technology, IR test system, Weiss

Vötsch’s infrared technology, IR

Vötsch Technik’s infrared system – The emission performance of the IR radiators can be optimally adjusted to the absorption properties of the product to be treated. More

Infrared systems industrial drying heating processes

Rapid heating with infrared technology – Product range

Heating and drying ovens – Infrared systems – The primary advantages are rapid warming and the transmission of large heating capacities. More

IR technology applications in drying and heating processes

Infrared system IR

Infrared systems for industrial drying and heating processes. More

2 zone continuous oven VDU, IR

2 zone continuous oven VDU 230/150/175-150°C IR

2 zone continuous oven VDU – Branch: aviation industry – Application: hardening of carbon fibre moulded parts. More

Infrared oven VTIR 65/40-200, cleanroom class

Infrared cleanroom oven VTIR 65/40-200°C

Infrared clean room oven VTIR 65/40-200°C – Baking of coatings. More