Continuous oven systems_2, VDU, VDL, Votsch Technik

Continuous oven systems VDU / VDL

The Vötsch Technik continuous oven system forms a reliable part of your production line. It can be equipped with a wide variety of conveyor systems. It is particularly suitable as a component for heat treatments in automation lines. More
Continuous oven systems VDU-VDL

Continuous oven systems VDU/VDL – Product range

The continuous oven systems of Vötsch are generally customised solutions. Vötsch does not offer standard series for this oven type due to the various requirements of customer. More

Continuous oven cooling zone VDU 50-50-370-250

Continuous oven with cooling zone VDU 50/50/370-250°C

Continuous oven with cooling zone – Branch: sub-supplier of automotive industry – Application: tempering of different bulb sockets (plastics) More

Continuous ovens TUD 25-25-300

Continuous ovens TUD 25/25/300

Continuous ovens TUD 25/25/300 – Branch: electronics industry – Application: adhesive hardening of SMD components (coils). More

2 zone continuous oven VDU, IR

2 zone continuous oven VDU 230/150/175-150°C IR

2 zone continuous oven VDU – Branch: aviation industry – Application: hardening of carbon fibre moulded parts. More