Hot Air Sterilisers SteriEvent ISO 5 and ISO 7

Hot Air Sterilisers SteriEvent ISO 5 and SteriEvent ISO 7

Sterilisers of Vötsch Technik comply with the DIN EN ISO 20857:2013 standard Hot Air Sterilisers for Cleanroom Classes ISO 5 and ISO 7 acc. DIN EN ISO 14644-1 More
Hot air sterilisers Votsch

Hot air sterilisers – Product range

Sterilisers design compliant with GMP and FDA requirements. Reliability by means of dry-heat sterilisation – Hot air sterilisers also under cleanroom conditions. More

Dry heat sterilizers class VHSF, ISO 5

VHSF Sterilisers – ISO 5

With the VHSF series sterilisers, the requirements of clean air class ISO 5 are fulfilled by the circulating air filters which are installed in the sterilisation chamber. More

Dry heat sterilizers VHSF, ISO 7

VHS Sterilisers – ISO 7

The VHS series sterilisers comply with the cleanroom class ISO 7 requirements in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (US Federal Stand Class 10.000). More

Hot air sterilise ST9 D

Hot air sterilisers ST9-D

Hot air steriliser ST9-D – Sterilisation of thermoresistant materials (test tubes, vials, transport containers, instruments, pastes, granules etc.) More