Vacuum heating drying ovens VVT

Vacuum ovens – Product range

Vacuum heating and drying ovens for the gentle drying of temperature sensitive, easy decomposable goods and components with a complex geometry also available in explosion-proof design. More
Vacuum heating drying ovens VVT

Vacuum heating and drying ovens VVT

The vacuum drying ovens VVT of Vötsch are remarkable for reduced drying times by optimal drying conditions for light, powdery products. Products from almost all branches of industry can be dried in a vacuum drying oven. More

Vacuum dryer oven VHT 125-170 WW S

Vacuum dryer VHT 125/170 WW S

Vacuum Dryer – Drying of pharmaceutical active agents and end products – Branch: pharmaceutical industry. More

Vacuum drying oven RTV 50/120-250

Vacuum drying oven RTV 50/120-250°C of cylindrical design

Vacuum drying oven of cylindrical design – Application: baking out of temperature sensors under vacuum – Branch: aviation industry. More