Vacuum dryer VHT 125/170 WW S

Vacuum Dryer – Drying of pharmaceutical active agents and end products – Branch: pharmaceutical industry.

Vacuum dryer oven VHT 125-170 WW S


  • Warm water-heated shelves
  • Inner casing of stainless steel, (1.4435)
  • Outer casing of stainless steel, (1.4301)
  • Charging with charging frame and tray which remain in the VHT model
  • GMP design
  • Vacuum dryer with substructure for moving charging vehicle underneath
  • Connection for N2 flooding
  • Pressure indicator via remotecontrolled manometer
  • Inner temperature display with remote thermometer.

Special features

  • Additional heating for the ceiling of the dryer
  • Floor with incline and drain at the deepest point for cleaning purposes
  • Cleaning connection in the ceiling
  • Delivery with angular frame for inserting in the wall
  • Vacuum connection DN 65 TRICLAMP
  • Pressure sensor for digital pressure indicator in explosionproof design.