Weiss Umwelttechnik and Vötsch Industrie technik are merging to form Weiss Technik in 2021

Our customers will benefit from the consistency and reliability of an innovative and healthy company that continues to offer you integrated environmental simulation solutions from a single source.

Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH and Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH merge

Success is created together. Now growing together. 
Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH and Vötsch Industrie technik GmbH are merging to form Weiss Technik GmbH in 2021. After being together for 25 years, it really is about time.
We offer our customers the most comprehensive product portfolio in the world. Together. It is precisely this common strength that we now project outwards, as a visible one-firm strategy, through a unified company name: Weiss Technik GmbH. The merger is a purely administrative measure which  has no influence on strategy, products, service and staff. 

We are joining forces for the best solution 
This brings numerous advantages for everyone. Our customers will benefit from the consistency and reliability of an innovative and healthy company that continues  to offer you integrated solutions from a single source. In addition, the change of name allows us to streamline processes for more efficiency – and for a safe future.  That is good for us and good for our customers.

Safety is a question of technology. 
To test products and materials, we simulate environmental conditions. From blazing hot to freezing cold. From soaking wet to dust dry. In fast motion and on the move under maximum stress. We bring the whole world into test laboratories and test spaces.  Our environmental simulation systems help to make products  safer. For every purpose.

Always the exact temperature 
Process safety needs optimum temperatures. Our  Heat Technology guarantees precise heat treatments. Degree by degree. We offer turn-key solutions from a single source with a unique service network. For customers from all industries with a wide range of different requirements. You can rely on that. Always and everywhere. For a safe future.

Always looking to the future 
From the outset, Karl Weiss focussed on new ideas and innovations. With his “Hygrorekord”, an electric rapid moisture analyser, measurements could be done quickly and reliably for food, wood, paper and textiles. Its precision and mobile application possibilities turned  “the suitcase” into an “economic miracle à la Weiss”  in just a few years.
Even today, Weiss grows with new ideas to meet the needs of customers and continually expands the portfolio through strategic acquisitions and own developments.

From refrigerated displays  to a centre of excellence 
A good 90 years ago, Ernst Vötsch founded his company for the production of refrigerated displays in Berlin. At the time, no one suspected that he was also laying the foundation for a unique brand that is justifiably considered the inventor of environmental simulation. Today, the Balingen site is still the centre of excellence  for standard test equipment and customised test equipment. Always closely associated with the precision, inventiveness and reliability that distinguished the company even in its early years.

We measure ourselves by our service! 
The high qualification of our employees is the basis for excellent service: they are specialists, qualified in accordance with the latest guidelines for occupational electrical safety and environmental protection and are authorised to carry out all service work professionally. Since January 2016, the Weiss and Vötsch service team  has been successfully operating under the name Weiss Umwelttechnik  – from now on, the new name is Weiss Technik.

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