2 zone continuous oven VDU 230/150/175-150°C IR

2 zone continuous oven VDU – Branch: aviation industry – Application: hardening of carbon fibre moulded parts.

2 zone continuous oven VDU, IR


  • Outer casing electrolytic zinc-coated sheet steel, coated (RAL 7032)
  • Inner casing aluminised sheet steel
  • Electrically-actuated lift doors

Special Feature

  • Heating: electrical, resistance tube radiators and mediumwave infrared lamps
  • Horizontal air ductwork, transversely arranged to direction of conveyance
  • 2 heating zones (combined convection and infrared heating)
  • Direction of conveyance, powered roller conveyor

Possible applications 
Hardening of carbon fibre composite materials

Continuous oven VDU 230/150/175-150°C IR – Technical data

Nominal temperature: 150°C
Heating capacity: 160kW
Supply voltage: 3/(N)PE AC 400V ±10%, 50/60Hz

Interior dimensions 
Width: 2300mm
Height: 1750mm
Depth: 1750mm

Exterior dimensions 
Width: 3050mm
Height: 3300mm
Depth: 2300mm