Drawer-type oven – VTU 100/60/75-200°C

VTU 100/60/75-200°C Drawer-type oven – Drying of printed and resin-soaked pattern prints fastened to frame. – Branch: Surface technology.

Drawer-type oven VTU 100-60-75
Technical Data

Nominal temperature: 250°C
Heating capacity: 7.2kW
Supply voltage: 3/(N) PE AC 400V +/-10%, 50/60Hz

Inner dimensions
Width: 1000mm
Height: 600mm
Depth: 750mm

Outer dimensions 
Width: 1400mm
Height: 1673mm
Depth: 1180mm

System description

  • Inner housing aluminized sheet steel 
  • Air circulation from left to right 
  • Drawers with pneumatic drive on both sides
  • Collecting basin for dripping resin
  • Dryer with ground clearance for easy lifting for transport within factory

Special features

  • Adjustable air volume flow 
  • Timer-controlled drawer opening
  • Drawer speed ≤150mm/sec 
  • Opening and closing forces ≤150N 
  • External operation of drawer control

Possible applications

  • Drying of printed and resin-soaked pattern prints at 200°C. 
  • Heat treatment of flat materials.