Solutions for bulk material: Drum turning device, VTU 100/150-250°C

Specific requirements have to be fulfilled in the manufacture of plastic products. Together with our customers, we have developed the necessary effective solutions: Uniform tempering of bulk goods

Drum turning device_Solutions for bulk material

In the re-vulcanisation of bulk goods such as O-rings, the temperature distribution in the product is not ideal, and the individual products affect each other mechanically, which results in rejects and quality defects.

Our solution

  • Drawer ovens for the optimum utilisation of the availablevolume and for ergonomic loading.
  • Optimum sealing and therefore even temperature distribution during the charging process for multiple drawers.
  • The integrated rotation device with fully adjustable speed control minimises temperature gradients and gravimetric influences.
  • Adapted airflow control for homogeneous temperature Distribution.

Drum turning device, VTU 100/150-250°C