Heating and drying oven with 5 drawers VTU 175/200/80-200°C

Application: curing of encapsulated electric motor coils. Branch: mechanical engineering (electric motors). Possible applications: warming-up and tempering of flat products. Charging of the oven with heavy products by means of a crane.

Heating drying oven with drawers VTU
Technical data 
Nominal temperature: 200°C
Heating power: 27kW
Nominal voltage: 3/(N) PE AC 400V +/-10%, 50/60HZ

Inner dimensions
width: 1750mm
height: 2000mm
depth: 800mm

Outer dimensions
width: 2170mm (+300 mm for switch box)
height: 2890mm
depth: 1250mm

System description

  • Double-wall sheet steel construction 
  • Recirculation air fan for uniform air flow within the working chamber 
  • One switch box for 2 ovens 
  • Programme controller

Special features

  • 5 Drawers arranged one above the other and equipped with telescopic rails, 
  • Max. load per drawer: 100kgs 
  • Drawer floor made from steel grating
  • Drawers are fitted with a limit switch each