Heating and drying ovens VTU

Heating and drying ovens VTU – suitable for variety of heating and drying processes in production and research for laboratory and production department.

Heating and drying ovens VTU, Votsch

Heating and drying ovens VTU are available in 7 sizes with a comprehensive range of accessories, e.g. loading trolleys, temperature controller etc. They can be used globally for heating and drying processes in the production and research.

Process characteristics

  • Short process duration due to high volume of circulating air.
  • Short recovery time due to automatic switch-off of heating and circulating air fan when door is opened.
  • Homogenous temperature distribution, thanks to directed air ductwork.
  • Reproducible production results by high quality standards.
  • Application-orientated air ductwork, both horizontal (standard) and vertical (optional).

Production characteristics

  • Economical and environmentally friendly, thanks to the enhanced thermal insulation.
  • Optimum thermal separation of inner and outer casing.
  • Minimum loss of energy and effective operator protection when coating, thanks to the heating and circulating fan being switched off.

A high degree of safety, thanks to

  • Low external wall temperatures
  • Safety temperature limiter (protects units)
  • “Cold” heating connection
  • Service and maintenance friendly
  • All heating and drying ovens naturally comply with EMC guidelines.

Standard Version

  • Nominal temperatures 250 / 300 / 350 / 400°C
  • Outer casing made of galvanized sheet steel, coated with RAL shade 9002 (grey-white).
  • Corrosion-resistant inner casing made of aluminised sheet steel.
  • Low external wall temperature and minimal loss of energy due to highquality, generously dimensioned thermal insulation.
  • Grid rails in working chamber, facilitating height adjustment of wire-mesh shelves and grates.
  • The temperature-resistant door gasket is easily exchanged.
  • Door of walk-in units can be opened from inside (from model size 75/100).
  • Tubular heating elements made of stainless steel.
  • Safety temperature limiter (protects unit).
  • Microprocessor-based temperature control with solid state relays ensure minimal control fluctuations.
  • Control panel with additional display and control elements which can be upgraded, thanks to its modular construction.
  • Exemplary air ducting system which enables an incredibly even temperature distribution to be achieved, even with a fresh air supply. The air in the working chamber is mixed in this system with fresh air sucked in via a heating register, mixed by the circulating air fan and conveyed once more to the working chamber.
  •  Air exchange via air intake and exhaust flanges. Air intake flanges are closed by delivery.


  • Pushthrough design (from model size 75/100 on)
  • Vertical air flow
  • Shutter wall (from model size 75/100 on)
  • Fresh air filter
  • Circulating air filter
  • Exhaust air fan
  • Door window
  • Electrical door lock
  • Caulk-welded inner casing
  • Tubular leadthroughs
  • Flashing alarm light
  • Recessed floor rails
  • Folding ramp (from model size 75/100 on)

Heating and drying ovens VTU, VTL Votsch