Heating and drying oven VTU 140/210/75-G-270°C

Heating and drying oven VTU, controlled atmosphere – Branch: electronic (semiconductor production) – Application: tempering of SMD on a lead frame band.

Heating drying oven VTU controlled atmosphere

System description

  • Double-wall steel plate construction
  • Outer housing made from sheet steel, lacquered
  • Inner housing made from stainless steel, tight-welded
  • Gas-tight design with connection for inert gas supply
  • Transport system for leadframe band
  • Doors with window and special locking mechanism
  • Suction hoods at inlet and outle

Special features

  • Silicone-free design 
  • Operation under inert gas atmosphere 
  • Measuring and control system for inert gas installed in separate box

Possible applications 
Drying of solvent-containing coatings on copper strips under inert gas atmosphere.

Heating drying oven VTU 140-210-75-G-270