Glass cooling oven VAW 180/135/125-600°C

Glass cooling tempering oven VAW 180/135/125-600°C for stress relieving and cooling of glass products.

Glass cooling oven VAW 180-135-125-600


  • Outer casing zinc-coated sheet steel, coated
  • Single-winged door, weight supported by support wheel
  • Inner casing stainless steel (material no. 1.4541), sealwelded
  • Reinforced working space floor 800kg/m2
  • Fresh air cooling fan 15m3/min

Special features

  • Charging with high-lift truck (4 plates)
  • Pallet dimensions 700 x 540mm
  • Charging weight 300 kg steel and 800kg glass
  • High temperature homogeneity
  • Linear cooling gradient 3K/h from 600°C – 180°C

Possible applications

  • Stress relieving and cooling of glass products.
  • Universal heat treatment of glass products