The future of driving is plastics!

Plastics are light, exible, versatile and cheap to produce. Their importance in the automotive industry is increasing. To make optimum use of the advantages of di erent plastics, it is important to match the production with the particular material.

The future of driving is plastics

Manufacturing ovens with optimised design 
For optimum realisation of desired plastics properties and to exclude undesirable side-e ects such as odours, deformation or the re risk posed by exothermic reactions, the design of the manufacturing ovens must be optimised. 

This applies to the cross-linking of sealants following injection moulding as well as to the heat-setting of plastic hoses. We o er our customers a wide range of special high-temperature systems from simple chamber ovens to complex, automated in-line production systems. 

Special solutions for the automotive industry 

  • Powerful extraction for effective removal of process vapours and therefore significantly reduced condensation 
  • Optimised sealing of equipment and reduced pressure in the work area to prevent the escape of vapours and the imposition of odours on workers 
  • Continuous monitoring and documentation of temperature distribution and interior pressure for maximum process reliability 
  • Easily removable air ducts for ease of cleaning and low maintenance costs 
  • Feed mechanism matched with the product for maximum productivity 

4-Zone Continuous Oven with cold water cooling zone
When heat-setting plastic hoses, they are brought to the correct shape when cold and then subjected to de ned heating and cooling. Defined air flows ensure optimum ow over the product and a highly uniform temperature. This ensures good quality of the resulting product.