Explosion-Proof Heating and Drying Ovens, VTUW

Explosion-proof heating and drying ovens VTUW for manufacturing. Low energy consumption and short processing times thanks to air circulation operation in combination with exhaust air operation with low amounts of fresh air. More

Industrial Ovens, Heating and Drying Cabinets – we proudly present HeatEvent

Your components and materials can be reliably, quickly and energy-efficiently heat-treated at temperatures of up to 400 °C with the Heating and Drying Cabinets HeatEvent from vötschoven. In this way, you can manufacture excellent products 24/7. More

The future of driving is plastics!

Plastics are light, exible, versatile and cheap to produce. Their importance in the automotive industry is increasing. To make optimum use of the advantages of di erent plastics, it is important to match the production with the particular material. More

Thermal treatment of plastics

Our heat technology enables manufacturers to always create exactly the same processing and production conditions, in order to reliably achieve constant product quality. More

Some like it hot! – Industrial furnaces in the automotive industry

In many manufacturing stages, heat processes play a central role. We supply a wide range of CQI-9-compliant temperature-controlled production systems for car manufacturers and their suppliers. More

Dryers and ovens, in which flammable substances are released, HeatEvent F

The Dryers and ovens HeatEvent F from Vötsch Technik meet the advanced safety requirements of EN 1539 and allow the drying and heat treatment processes to be safely controlled by limiting the amount of solvents. More

Heating and drying cabinets, HeatEvent

Wherever the going gets hot, decision makers worldwide rely on Vötsch Technik heating and drying cabinets. The world novelty HeatEvent is about to launch. Discover the many benefits and get an impression of our latest innovation. More

Explosion-proof ovens NTUW 75/125 Ex

Explosion-proof ovens NTUW 75/125 Ex for research laboratories, testing of material used for petrol hose lines. More

Ex-proof heating and drying ovens series VTUW

The Solution for reliable heat treatment, drying-heating ovens and drying ovens series VTUW – Ex-proof ovens, in compliance with ATEX guidelines. More

Explosion proof heating and drying ovens – Product range

Explosion proof heating and drying ovens – Vötsch Industrietechnik has developed special concepts for a variety of requirements to prevent risks of explosion. More

Ex-proof heating, drying oven VFT 60/90

Drying oven VFT 60/90 of Vötsch for heat treatment and drying of materials / substances 
with high solvent content for use in laboratory and production. More