Ex-proof heating and drying ovens series VTUW

The Solution for reliable heat treatment, drying-heating ovens and drying ovens series VTUW – Ex-proof ovens, in compliance with ATEX guidelines.

Ex-proof heating and drying oven VTUW, Votsch

Vötsch Industrietechnik has developed special concepts for a variety of requirements to prevent risks of explosion.           

The problem 
During many heat treatment processes, flammable substances (solvents, gases etc.) are emitted that can result in an explosive mixture when combined with air. In order to prevent this mixture from causing an explosion, special precautions must be taken.

The solution 
For critical conditions as they occur, e. g. in the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics industry, the heating and drying ovens of the VTUW series have been designed to fulfil considerably higher requirements than conventional dryers for coating materials.

Special measures of protection against explosion prevent the dan- gerous explosive atmosphere from igniting and ensure safe and reli- able heat treatment processes.

The VTUW series is a combination of safety, reliability and sophisticat- ed functionality. A well thought out concept, high-quality materials and components plus accurate produc- tion ensure fail-safe, reliable heating and drying ovens.