Cleanroom heating and drying ovens – Product range

VTF Cleanroom heating and drying ovens, standard devices and individual systems for industry and research.

Cleanroom heating and drying ovens

The speedy development in many fields of the industry such as microstructure technology, electronics, genetic engineering and biotechnology demands an extension of production facilities under cleanworking conditions. Production under clean conditions improves the standard of quality in research, development and production.

Heating and drying processes, such as e.g. during the production of integrated circuits, under the highest possible degree of cleanliness are a precondition for a low failure rate and hence for profitable results.

Many VTF cleanroom heating and drying ovens by Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH have been developed in close cooperation with leading corporations in the semiconductor industry. This cooperation has resulted in products which fulfil the high demands in the field of clean-room technology.

Areas of application

  • Micro-electronics
  • Microstructure technology
  • Process engineering optics

  • Precision engineering
  • Research and development
  • Medical technology
  • Food-processing industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutics

Cleanroom ovens – Product list

  • VTF Cleanroom heating and drying ovens
  • Cleanroom heating furnace and drying oven VTF 60/30/30-150°C
  • Infrared cleanroom oven VTIR 65/40-200°C