Chest oven VTUT 100/50/75-350°C

Application: Chest oven for stress relieving of welded constructions, preheating of spinning nozzles. Branch: Metal industry, mechanical engineering, synthetic fibre production.

Chest oven VTUT 100-50-75-350


  • Outer housing electroplated steel sheet, pebble grey (RAL 7032) protective lacquer. 
  • Interior housing made of aluminised steel sheet 
  • 1 hinged closing lid 
  • 2 loading levels with wire meshed shelves 
  • Horizontal airflow 
  • Switch box with electronic controller

Special Features 
Loading of heavy parts possible from above using a crane.

Chest ovens VTUT 100/50/75-350°C 
– Technical data

Nominal temperature: 350°C
Heat output: 12kW
Input voltage:
 3/(N) PE AC 400V +/-10%, 50/60Hz 

Inner dimensions 
Width: 1000mm 
Height: 500mm 
Depth: 750mm 

Outer dimensions 
Width: 1665mm (+235mm switch box)
Height: 780mm
Depth: 1580mm