Chest ovens TUHT 250/80/80-250°C

Chest oven TUHT for heating of flange wheels at 200°C. Branch: Metal industry.

Chest oven TUHT 250-80-80-250


  • Outer housing electroplated steel sheet painted in special colour reseda green (RAL 6011).
  • Interior housing made of aluminised steel sheet 
  • Chest opening with solid edge protection 
  • Receiving frame for 12 pieces of flange wheels (tram) 
  • 2 hinged closing lids 
  • Weekly program timer

Special features

  • Interior space with high loadbearing capacity (1600kg).
  • Closing lid can be opened easily on account of gas springs.
  • Grating platforms on the left and right side panel for ergonomic loading.

Heating oven / chest oven TUHT 250/80/80-250°C 
– Technical data

Nominal temperature: 250°C
Heat output: 36kW
Input voltage: 400V 3/(N) PE AC 50/60 Hz

Inner dimensions 
Width: 2500mm
Heigh: 800mm
Depth: 850mm 

Outer dimensions 
Width: 3970mm (incl. grating platform)
Height of housing: 1100mm
Height with opened lid: 2100mm
Depth: 2030mm (incl. grating platform)